Applets for Physics Instruction

Hawley's Apps:
On the iOS App Store: Knobility, Polar Pattern Plotter, Words in the Moment
Quincke's Tube (Web Audio)
3D Audio Player (Web Audio)
Compressor Demo (Web Audio)
Dumb DAW (Web Audio)
Classroom Clickers (for free!)
Demo, Responses and Instructions for Educators (Google Docs)
Series RLC Circuit (Java)
Transistor Amplifier (JavaScript)
Damped Simple Harmonic Motion (Java)
Acoustic Tools Suite: "SHAART"
Basic Web Audio: Load and Play (Web Audio)
Basic Web Audio: Convolve Two Sounds (Web Audio)

More applets on oscillations, acoustics and signal processing:
cool physics applets by Falstad.
More applets on waves and sound via The Physics Classroom

Applets on this page by Scott H. Hawley, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Physics
Belmont University