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Lecture Notes

Homework on McGraw-Hill Connect: Direct link to McGraw-Hill Site, Blackboard Link. Note: when you sign up, you need to use your Belmont e-mail address.
Practice Test 1, Answers to Practice Test 1
Practice Test 2 (After you have finished writing out your answers to Practice Test 2: Answers to Practice Test 2)
Lab: Online CircuitLab version of Diodes and Power Supplies Lab, and (Hawley's Sample Version)
Practice Test 3, Answers to Practice Test 3
Activity: Current
Activity: Series Circuits
Activity: Parallel Circuits
Activity: Series-Parallel Circuits / Cue Systems
Activity: P-N Junction
Practice Final, Answers to Practice Final, ("When is our final?")

The Structure of Matter (PowerPoint)
Handout: RLC Circuits
Handout: AC Operation of (CE) Transistor Amplifier
Handout: Transistor Amps: Designing the Q Point
Grounding (PDF)
Noise (PowerPoint)

Java Applets
CircuitLab.com: Main Site, Dr. Hawley's Circuits Page
Quiz: Which Taylor Swift Resistor Are You?
"Ohm's Law" Song: Lyrics, Backing Track

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