Pete Kuryla notes

Jun 16 2021

Survey, “These Truths” jill lepore, only original research on information Civic life and information from punch cards to ENIAC to… Negative outcome

Episodic in there…ok, people were already categorizing,… Go back to Charles Babbage,… Moment… by moment

Book by Joel Isaac, Working Knowledge, human sciences

Focault, “genealogy” prison…let’s go all way the way back… The Archaeology of Knowledge, what does it mean to have a category at all.

Scotus nominalists vs realists

Plesssy was 1/8 constitutional right to pass for white Constitutional right to categorize himself

Ian Hacking books **

Oliver Sachs island of colorblind people

Digital dialectics Too many negations

Nietzsche against categorize Uses of history for life Second-rate Indigestible stones of knowledge that you can’t do anything with Unfashionable observations, untimely meditations


Narratives: Start with an anecdote… Find something that sticks out… What are the 5 concepts that come out of that. Follow each Book:Louis Menant…the metaphysical club The Law of Errors (on statistics) begins with a court case about whaling and forged signature….Miserly widow not satisfied with her inheritance How do you know if a signature is forged? what are the chances?

Risk… maritime connections, John Levy

(Maurice Ponte phenomenology of perception)