Dr. Scott H. Hawley
Professor of Physics
I generally teach physics to audio engineering students (undergrads), and develop new software applications, e.g. via machine learning or smartphone apps, to help prepare them for the future. In 2017 I also started getting involved in "AI Ethics" and "Science, the Humanities and Religion" through a special grant program in Oxford, UK. I used to do computational relativity and astrophysics, but it's been a while.
Address: Chemistry & Physics Dept
Belmont University
1900 Belmont Blvd
Nashville, TN 37212 USA
Office: Janey Ayers Academic Center (JAAC) 4008
Voice: 1-615-460-6206 
Fax: 1-615-460-5458 
Links: @drscotthawley on Twitter and GitHub (Code, Blog). iOS App Store

Curriculum Vitae (Boyer Model Version)
Dissertation ("Scalar Analogues of Compact Astrophysical Systems," UT-Austin, 2000)


PHY2010 - Physics for Audio Engineering
PHY2250 - Electronics & Circuit Theory
PHY2895 - Machine Learning and Neural Networks
PHY3110 - Analytical Mechanics
PHY4410 - Survey of Advanced Physics
Interactive Apps for Physics/Audio/Electronics Instruction
Acoustic Tool Suite

Research Interests / Projects

Physics: Education, Acoustics, Signal Processing, Computational Physics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Numerical Relativity, Nonlinear Dynamics, Astrophysics, Science and Religion

Current Projects:

Selected Publications

"Exploring Quality and Generalizability in Parameterized Neural Audio Effects" by W. Mitchell and S.H. Hawley, arXiv:2006.05584(esss.AS) (2020).

"Synthesis of Musical Instrument Sounds: Physics-based Modeling or Machine Learning?" by S.H. Hawley, V. Chatziioannou and A. Morrison. Acoustics Today, Spring 2020 issue.

Book review of Marcus du Sautoy's The Creativity Code, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, 72:1, p.52 (March 2020) .

"Vibrary: A Consumer-Trainable Music Tagging Utility" by S.H. Hawley, J. Bagley, B. Porter, and D. Trayham, 147th AES Conference (Oct 16-19 2019).

"SignalTrain: Profiling Audio Compressors with Deep Neural Networks" by S.H. Hawley, B. Colburn and S.I. Mimilakis, 147th AES Conference (Oct 16-19 2019). SignalTrain Demo Page

"Theopolis Monk: Envisioning a Future of A.I. Public Service" by S.H. Hawley, Chapter 14 in The Transhumanism Handbook (Amazon), Newton Lee, ed. (Springer Nature, July 2019). (Also serialized at SuperpositionMagazine.com, e.g. Part 5 of 5)

"Challenges for an Ontology of Artificial Intelligence" by S.H. Hawley, Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith, the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation 71, 2, 2019. (Also on arXiv:1903.03171.)

"Visualizing Sound Directivity via Smartphone Sensors" by S.H. Hawley and R.E. McClain, Jr., The Physics Teacher 56, 72 (2018). (Also on arXiv:1702.06072). "Polar Pattern Plotter" iOS app: App Store, Source Code.

Sound Fields Forever: Mapping sound fields via position-aware smartphones, by S.H. Hawley, S. Alegre and B. Yonker, 143rd AES Conference (Oct 18-21 2017).

"Online music learning: informal, formal and STEAM contexts" by C. Johnson and S.H. Hawley. International Journal for Innovations in Online Education, Begel House, July 25 (2017).

(...long hiatus during which I didn't care about publishing papers, just interested in teaching, playing music and giving talks...)

Citations in the CQG promo page for Numerical Relativity.

"Spin Dependence in Computational Black Hole Data" by S.H. Hawley, M.J. Vitalo and R.A. Matzner, gr-qc/0604100

"Evolutions in 3D numerical relativity using fixed mesh refinement" by E. Schnetter, S.H. Hawley and I. Hawke. Class.Quant.Grav. 21 (2004) 1465-1488 gr-qc/0310042

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"Critical Phenomena Associated with Boson Stars" by S.H. Hawley and M.W. Choptuik. In Proceedings of the 20th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (Dec 9-15 2000).  gr-qc/0103019.

"Boson Stars Driven to the Brink of Black Hole Formation" by S.H. Hawley and M.W. Choptuik. Phys. Rev. D62:104024 (2000)

"The Green Line Corona and Its Relation to the Photospheric Magnetic Field" by Y.-M. Wang, N.R. Sheeley, Jr., S.H. Hawley, J.R. Kraemer,  G.E. Brueckner, R.A. Howard, C.M. Korendyke, D.J. Michels, N.E. Moulton, D.G. Socker and R. Schwenn, Astrophysical Journal 485:419-429 (1997)

"Measurements of Flow Speeds in the Corona Between 2 and 30 R" by N.R. Sheeley, Jr., Y.-M. Wang, S.H. Hawley, G.E. Brueckner, K.P. Dere, R. A. Howard, M. J. Koomen, C. M. Korendyke, D.J. Michels, S.E. Paswaters, D.G. Socker, O.C. St. Cyr, D. Wang, P.L. Lamy, A. Llebaria, R. Schwenn, G.M. Simnett, S. Plunkett and D.A. Biesecker, Astrophysical Journal 484:472-478, July 20, 1997.

"The Magnetic Nature of Coronal Holes" by Y.M. Wang, S.H. Hawley and N.R. Sheeley, Jr., Science 271:464-469 (1996)

Selected Talks

"SPNet: Object Detection of Antinode Regions in Oscillating Steelpan Drums", Acoustical Society of America -- Special Session on Machine Learning for Musical Acoustics, Dec 4, 2019.
"The Clear and the Thick: Teaching & Learning as an Act of Faith", New Faculty Orientation, Belmont University Aug 9, 2019
"The Imitation Scam: Faking Online Personalities via A.I. Synthesis of Language, Images, and Video", National Science Teachers Association, Belmont Chapter, March 1, 2019
"Envisioning a Future of AI Public Servants", Faith, Technology & The Future conference, Christian Transhumanist Association, Nashville TN, Aug. 25 2018
"Challenges for an Ontology of Artificial Intelligence", Computer Science Dept, University of Bath, Aug 2 2018
"Because Nobody Wants to Edit Drums: Building Trainable Audio Production Tools via Machine Learning", Music City Data conference, Nashville TN, June 2 2018.
"Sound Fields Forever: Mapping (3D) sound fields via position-aware smartphones", 143rd Audio Engineering Soceity Conference, Oct 21, 2017.
"Science Teaching & Machine Learning", National Science Teachers Association (Belmont Chapter), Mar 15 2017.
"Visualizing Sound Directivity via Smartphone Sensors", 5th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Japanese Acoustical Society, Honolulu, HI, Nov 28, 2016
"Smartphone Apps for Acoustics Education", CSM Research Seminar, Sept. 19, 2016
Physics with Phones (Lab Manual), Summer Science Camp for High School Students, Belmont University, June 17, 2016.
"Reflections on the Development of Interactive Learning Tools", Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Symposium, Belmont U, May 11 2016.
"Web Audio Basics", Nashville Music Programmers Meetup, March 21, 2016.
"Hearing the Still, Small Voice: STEM+AET Features of Gravitational Wave Detection", CSM Colloquium, Belmont U., March 2, 2016
"Knobility: A New Mobile App for Session Documentation", Belmont Audio Engineering Society, Nov 19 2015
"Practical Home Studio Construction in the Nashville Area" Belmont Audio Engineering Society, Nov 2014
"Bayesian Analysis for Audio Engineers", for Belmont student section of the Audio Engineering Society, Oct 10, 2014
"Fourier Transforms, Audio Engineering and the Quantum Nature of Reality" 135th Audio Engineering Socity Conference, Oct 17, 2013
Involving Undergraduates in Numerical Relativity for American Physical Society April Meeting, Apr 2 2012.
"If Einstein Only Knew: Interactions Between Spinning Black Holes" for "Mathematical Musings and Munchings", Belmont University, Nov 5 2010.
Poster on Kerr-Schild Initial Data, for APS April meeting, 2005
Review of GR Solitons, IMACS 2005, Fourth IMACS International Conference on Nonlinear Evolution Equations and Wave Phenomena: Computation and Theory, April 12, 2005. (also at powershow.com)
"(Fast) Elliptic Solves for Constrained Evolution and BBH Initial Data"(GR17 Poster)
Evolving Black Holes with Mesh Refinement, Caltech, April 18, 2003
4 Tips for Implementing Multigrid Methods on Domains with Holes, APS April Meeting, 2003
Critical Phenomena Associated with Boson Stars, AEI, November 15, 2000

Grants & Research & Demos & Stuff

Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities II, SCIO, Oxford, Templeton and Blankemeyer, (2017-2019)


The music I make: www.scotthawley.com