Physical Experiments:
* Guitars: Fan Frets vs. Regular Frets: Analysis
* Diffraction of Sound Coming Thru a Hole/Aperture
* Setting up 'audio workstation' in lab: getting Genelec sub to work
* "Rolling Shutter" IRL: 
* Something using the Neumann Head
* Guitar modes, e.g.

Computer Work:
* Something Involving WebAudio (Programming)
   - SHAART in WebAudio!
   - 3D panning in WebAudio
* Something Involving Wavelet Transforms (Math)
* Using Acousto simulation software (you should talk to Ben Shaw at OceanWay)
* Mobile app usage/writing of something sound-related: 
     See, e.g. iPhysics blog, acoustics experiements:

* Retooling PHY2010 to use Rossing textbook instead

* Hearing loss paper e.g. with Frank/Tamara Baird, or damage due to in-ear monitoring mistakes
* Hawley's Law  (ask me)

Common Ideas:
* Room tuning/renovation
* A/Bing things  (expensive thing vs. cheap thing)
* Breaking a crystal glass (=lame)