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On Schoology: Syllabus, Lab Manual, Lecture Notes

Homework 1
Homework 2
Homework 3, and Answers to HW3
Practice Test 1, Answers to Practice Test 1
Homework 4
Homework 5 - Activity on SIL, and Answers to HW5/Activity on SIL
Homework 6, and Answers to Homework 6
Practice Test 2, Answers to Practice Test 2
Homework 7, and Answers to Homework 7
Homework 8, and Answers to Homework 8
Practice Test 3 Answers to Practice Test 3
Homework 9, and Answers to Homework 9
Practice Final exam, Answers to Practice Final exam ("When is our final?")

Simple Harmonic Motion
Portal Video Game and Simple Harmonic Motion: HTML, PDF (And Belmont Convo Video)
Movies: SHM & Uniform Circular Motion,   SHM Waveform
Interactive "Grapher" Apps for Mac
Jeopardy! Questions for Test 1
Activity on Sound Intensity Level
Activity on Room Design: Instructions, Spreadsheet

Past Projects
Group Self Evaluation
Hawley's Ideas for New Projects
Sample Presentation (Powerpoint)

Extra Credit
Schermerhorn Self-Tour Questions

Extra Problems for Study/Practice
Interactive Applets for Physics Instruction
OpenStax Free Online Physics Textbook (see Chapters 16 and 17)
'Practical' Home Studio Construction in the Nashville Area (Slides of talk to Belmont AES)
"SHAART" Acoustic Tool Suite
Tracker - Video analysis & feature-tracking for physics experiments
Sonic Visualiser
Room EQ Wizard
ABX Tester
ACTRAN Student Edition (free simulation software)
i-Simpa (free simulation software)

Song: "Baby In Hertz (Simple Harmonic Motion)": Live (YouTube), Lyrics
Song: "The First Experiment": Lyrics, MP3
Room acoustics vocabulary: "Bathroomity"